Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Bryant Park Tents

Vera Wang

Betsey Johnson

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kicks off in NYC in just a few short weeks. The excitement and energy is already starting but for some the energy is shifting-to a new venue.

Word has it that top designers such as Vera Wang and Betsey Johnson have opted out of showing their Fall 2009 collections in the "Thunderdome" of all Showplaces, the Bryant Park Tents.

The designers have decided to show in smaller venues to save money. Vera Wang, for example, is saving at least $50,000 by not showing in the tents. This means that Wang can now afford to channel that money into other areas of her company.

Honestly, I will miss these shows in the tents but I understand that keeping your "paper" in this economy is a smart thing to do!

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