Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ok, I must admit...I'm totally in LOVE with this video. I think that it was really well done. Of course it's not for kids but it wasn't made with children in mind and if you're kids are looking at this video, then shame on YOU!

But anyway, I wish that all American videos pushed the limit like this one. Artistically, Metaphorically, etc.

Makes me think of Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream. And of course we can't run from the Chris Brown reference. And for that I say, WHO CARES? Rihanna is a musician (whether you love her or hate her) and musicians speak through their music and music videos when it comes to their hurt and pain. That's their form of therapy, so get with the program people.

And of course we can't forget about the fashion. She looks HAUTE as always!

Check it when you get a chance and let me know your thoughts!

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